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Recommendation of Quality Products: To Pure Line Nine-Eye Pearl


Nine-eyed pearls are the highest quality of the pearls. They can avoid all disasters and misfortunes. They have grown in compassion, prominent authority and great interests. Nine eyes contain all the symbols and artistic conceptions of totem, the final situation in Buddhist practice, and nine pints of lotus incarnate.


"Nine" also symbolizes an unpredictable, unsurpassed and infinitely broad realm. Nine-eyed pearls are the highest quality and most noble among them. Tibetans attach great importance to nine-eyed pearls.


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This product was filmed in October 2019



  1. 天珠是古生物化石,喜马拉雅山的螺化石,这种远古海螺化石在滚落中得见天日来到人间。





Sources of pearls:

1. Tianzhu is a fossil of paleontology, a snail from the Himalayas. This kind of ancient conch fossil can be seen coming to the world day after day in the rolling process.

2. The beads are the eyes of the gods deposited in the earth.

3. The beads are made of meteorites falling from outer space.

4: Tianzhu is mainly produced in Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim and other Himalayan mountain areas. It is considered as a heavenly landing stone by Tibetan compatriots. Because it has many mysterious symbols on it, and the historical records are only sporadic, and there is no evidence of scientific archaeological excavation, there are many interpretations and legends about Tianzhu in society.

5: Tianzhu has a history of more than 2,000 years in Tibet. It is one of the seven treasures of Tibet. To Tibetan compatriots, owning Tianzhu is a symbol of identity and only a sacred person can wear it. Therefore, Tibetans have always regarded Tianzhu as a mascot left by the God of heaven. They attach great importance to it as their own life and possess a Tianzhu is very big. For generations, Tibetan compatriots have been devoutly supporting and collecting their fortunes and fates.








The function of the pearl:

1: Long-term wear of Tibetan beads can also get a lot of blessings.

2: Pearl's strong positive magnetic energy.

3: Tianzhu uses magnetic energy to enhance the harmony of body and mind, enlighten the free wisdom, and then improve people's mind and give blessings.

4: It can prevent and treat liver disease, heart disease, hypertension, rheumatism and epilepsy.

5: It can make the business go smoothly, reduce resistance, win respect and respect from all, and make the team cohesive.






5:在古代的青藏高原上,天珠是身份地位和福报财富的象征,由于天珠具有强大的宇宙磁场能量,藏民们认为,如果能够拥有一颗真正的天珠,即是无限幸福好运的开始,必须具有无比殊胜的福份和善缘,更需有累世修来的大福报,因为他们都认为天珠是最具能量和加持力的庇佑护身宝石, 有幸佩戴者,犹如金刚铠甲护身,能够消除一切违缘障碍,获得诸佛菩萨和本尊的庇佑加持,福慧绵长,如意吉祥。

Extended information:

1: Natural pearls are nine-eyed stone shale, containing jade and agate components and crystal components. Historical records show that they are nine-eyed stone pearls. Himalayan countries still consider them as falling stones. Natural pearls have many kinds on the market, and their extensions are quite extensive, including round plate pearls and pharmacist pearls.

2: Tianzhu, which originated from the worship of Lingshi by Tibetan people, Karo site, Naqu in northern Tibet, and Shuanghudeng area, has found many Paleolithic sites, which completely broke the legend that the Tibetan people migrated from other places. Archaeological evidence shows that the Tibetan people created a brilliant prehistoric civilization as early as the Paleolithic and Neolithic times. And in this now no man's land and other places to breed.

3: It is said that the early Tantric disciples who went to Nepal to seek Dharma obtained one kind of pearls from their masters as amulets, and another kind of pearls dredged from the herdsmen for their lives when they fled, because this special pearl is regarded as a God in the sky. When it falls from the sky to the earth, it can protect the victims and attract money. Nafu and so on. In order to show respect and preciousness, the disciples of Tan sect call it Tianzhu.

4: Celestial beads are known as Tian-xiang-shi. In the dictionary, they are interpreted as agate, cat's eye stone, a kind of gem, commonly known as nine eyes, which can cure cerebral hemorrhage. The earliest pearl is Elephant Male Celestial Bead. Elephant Male Celestial Pearl was born in the most powerful ancient civilization across Central Asia and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is a holy object of Yong Zhongben religion and Tibet. The first of the seven treasures of the clan.

5: In the ancient Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the pearl is the symbol of status and fortune. Because the Pearl has powerful cosmic magnetic field energy, Tibetans believe that if we can have a real pearl, that is, the beginning of infinite happiness and good luck, we must have incomparable blessings and kindness, and more importantly, we need to have the greatness of the past generations. Fortune Papers, because they all believe that the pearl is the most powerful and supportive shield gem, and the lucky wearer, like diamond armor shield, can eliminate all obstacles against the fate and obtain the blessings and blessings of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and the Blessed One, with long wisdom and good luck.


本品将在201910新加坡国际拍场上拍,如有意收藏的藏友们请尽快联系,联系方式:16530124131 刘经理

This product will be filmed on Singapore International Film in October 2019. If you want to collect it, please contact Manager Liu at 16530124131 as soon as possible.


This information is valid for a long time.





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